SINGEM Kaushal

SINGEM Lifeskills offers Live Training in both Offline & Online modes in Vocational, Academic & Extra-Curricular fields.

SINGEM Vaanijya

SINGEM Vaanijya Is your gateway to our B2B service offerings.


A single window access to all of SINGEM’s Sector-specific solutions.


SINGEM First is in furtherance of our Growth & Empowerment objectives via multiple platforms. It seeks to create SINGEM association opportunities for all sections of society to bring about meaningful benefits to their lives, families and society at large.

SINGEM Sevaarth

SINGEM Foundation is the real essence of our vision and mission and all the other divisions are merely a means to this goal of growth and empowerment of the Indic nation.


SINGEM Vishwa covers all common functions & activities spanning various divisions and offerings of the SINGEM group.
It also includes the Sindhar family trust, ‘Hum Sindhar’

Our Founder

Sri Punit Srimal 
was born in 1975. As a young adult, he saw the state of India and recognized that the lack of resources, which largely stemmed from centuries of subjugation has led to stagnation, and in some areas slow growth both for India and other Indic countries…Read More

SINGEM Ramp Show

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