SINGEM Lifeskills

SINGEM Lifeskills offers Live Training in both Offline & Online modes in Vocational, Academic & Extra-Curricular fields.


Offers training in 6 exciting vocational fields via Certificate, Diploma & Degree-Diploma Combo programs.

SINGEM Online 2.0

Offers live-interactive training on online platforms in vocational fields as well as academics and extra-curricular.

SINGEM Student Services

provide single window access to support for residential courses, campus life as also career opportunities.

SINGEM Vaanijya

SINGEM Vaanijya Is your gateway to our B2B service offerings.


A unique portfolio of IT – ITES services offered under a remote mechanism.


Manpower Services- Recruitment & Payroll, Jobs Desk.


Trade Labs – SGL (SINGEM Gem Lab), Standards & Benchmarks.


Design & product development, B2B Product Sales & Rentals.


Kaushal Projects in Education 

SINGEMARC B2B Projects  

Meet the Master Mentoring & Consultancy


SINGEM First is in furtherance of our Groeth & Empowerment objectives via multiple platforms with SINGEM as anchor. It seeks to create opportunities for students, women, NGOs,etc. to collaborate or participate in this endeavor.


Franchise Partner with Us 

Prime Surprise, Delight & Rewards 

Horizons Career Opportunities 

One Startup Incubation Platform

Caravan Vendor Sales Platforms


Now Events, Offers, News Letter 

Kshitij SINGEM Excellence Awards 

Envisage E-Library, Showcases

SINGEM Foundation

SINGEM Foundation is the real essence of our vision and mission and all the other divisions are merely a means to this goal of growth and empowerment of the Indic nation.

Jaago India

A movement to restore the inherent unity of all indic faiths. To define Hinduism under the Indian constitution as the collective identity…

Sahaj Dharma

My ‘Sahaj Dharma’, is intended as a spiritual journey or quest, rather than an organised religion and is thus open to all humanity, irrespective of……


Dedicated to the conservation, propagation and rejuvenation of all things Indic, this division seeks to reinstate our ancient glory in sync with moving times.

Divyasthali Seva Pratishthaan

Based on the twin principles of Manav Seva and Jeev Daya enunciated by Bausa Sri Raikumar Srimal and Maiya Parvati Devi, this is an endeavor first…