STEM Labs: An Introduction

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Laboratory Experiments

Laboratories are an important means of instruction in science for centuries. Laboratory experiments are essential because it provides training in observation, supplied detailed information, and arouses the interest of students. It builds:

  • The skill of inquiry and investigation.
  • Cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis.
  • Understanding the existence of certain things and its correlation with the innovation of new things.
  • Attitudes towards curiosity, interest, risk-taking, objectivity, precision, confidence, perseverance, satisfaction, responsibility, consensus, collaboration, and liking science

This build-up doesn’t just apply to science alone, it applies to all facet of life. If a student was to partake in a science laboratory experiment and choose not to do it later in life, the skills listed above will still be useful in any other industry they choose to work with.

What We Offer

Our offer ranges from pure science to applied science and even the information technology field. They are:

  • Science Labs:

We have equipped laboratories for subjects such as Physics, chemistry, and biology, where we carry out various school test in a fun and inclusive manner.

  • Technology Labs:

In our innovation labs, youngsters, through the use of design thinking, create either new devices, programs, games, products and such from scratch or their own versions or prototypes such existing products. Our aim is to build up a generation of Indic people who lead in innovation in the world. We also input social design into our process, by encouraging them to come up with technical solutions to everyday issues both through team work and individual work.

  • Engineering Labs:

In our Engineering Lab, students learn about building, repairing and understanding the mechanism of mechanical, electric and electronic devices and equipment. We bring in inclusive practicals where each student can see for themselves how to build such devices from scratch and repair them if needed. Through the classes, they can also tweak them to become even better which builds up an innovative spirit as well.

  • Math Labs:

In our Math Lab we try to bring out to the students the magic Math contains and along with all its theories and concepts. Unlike others, we do it in a way that the most hated subject becomes the most lovable and interesting. Rather than teaching our students how to remember, we teach them how to learn, relate and create!


Most students find experiments boring and tedious. The reason being that the whole process has been made out to look so in some schools and this has led to lack of interest. When it comes to lab experiments, every angle should be made to not just only contribute positively to learning but also should make each student feel included and involved in the process.

We do this at SINGEM. Every experiment is not done with just a one-way boring process, we instead make it fun for each child in the lab. By so doing, they learn through the use of fun activities and this has been proven to work even better than trying to drill in knowledge into a student that finds the process dull and monotonous.


Safety is one major concern for parents when it comes to laboratory experiments. No parent wants to hear of explosions or harm whatsoever on their child. We have also put this firmly into our laboratory experiment processes. We have safety clothing for each student and closely monitor their activities to ensure they are not mixing the wrong chemicals or joining the wrong wires. In other words, we provide a safe and fun environment for each student at SINGEM.