International Studies

If your quest for excellence and making a mark in your chosen realm leads you to foreign shores, be it to study, stay, do a job or business, it sure helps to be acquainted with the local languages, way of life, people and basically all things native to that land. As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as Romans’.

Indic Studies

Also, what is that 1 set of unique qualities about you that is sure to make you stand apart from the crowd. With indian diaspora today spread everywhere, just the color of your skin or that of your passport may not suffice. When diversity is the ‘go-to’ mantra everywhere, whether at universities or at workplaces, you need to embody your own indic heritage, in terms of knowledge of languages, philosophies, values and heritage.

Apart from ensuring you stand apart, with this craze in people from other countries to learn more about the world’s oldest civilisation, who better than we indics to impart that knowledge and gain respect, fame and big bucks for ourselves, all in the same process. Way better than waiting tables at restaurants and earning a paltry hourly wage, no? Especially if you can make use of the time in hand now and count 10X the money later!!!