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Beauty Technology Certificate Courses  

Professional courses for niche Subjects / Specialisations / Minors are covered under the PCW (Professional Certificates & Workshops) series.

Beauty Technology Uni- Specialisation Diploma Programs

Courses comprise exclusively focused in-depth study in any 1 of 8 Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Masters & DDCP options are available under the USD series.

Beauty Technology Multi-Specialisation Diploma Programs

Courses in the MSD series comprise Subjects / Minors / Niche courses spanning multiple Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Master Technologist & DDCP options are available.

Beauty Technology Degree+Diploma Combo Programs

Available at both Under Graduate (Post Class XII) and Post Graduate Levels, SINGEM’s Degree-Diploma Combo Programs (DDCP) are an excellent opportunity for students to fulfil their Business Degree (BBA / MBA) ambitions, simultaneously with a professional diploma in a stream of their choice.


The beauty industry have opened a lot of career doors for may persons. The industry have been one of the highest employers of labour. And quite a handful have been able to discover a befitting career in the industry. Essentially, the importance of the industry to some economies around the world cannot be undermined. One other accolade that this industry enjoys is that it is not gender biased. Some laudable and high profile opportunities provided by this industry include  a beauty therapist, skin therapist, dry spa manager, a massage therapist, salon owner, makeup artists, mobile therapists, receptionist, cosmetic counter consultant, hair stylists, barber, beauty product consultant/ manufacturer, gadget operator, modelling and even photography.

One can see from all these that the industry is all encompassing and all embracing. The incorporation of technology also open doors for further entrance of other personnel.

√ Beauty Therapist : A beauty therapist is one that have mastered the act of what it takes to make one beautiful. One under this field could decide to produce or sell skincare products for different skin types, and also provide professional advice to clients. They are also involved in providing or recommending treatment for different skin disease that surfaces. The challenge comes in one’s ability to master different skin types and know the kind of Beauty product or treatment to recommend; as the case may be. The commercialization of this skill comes with increased client patronage especially because of it’s diversity.

√ Hair Stylist: One’s beauty, starts from the hair. As a matter of fact, a beautifully done hair makes a beautiful person. As a result of this, beauty care givers recommend a very good hair care as well. An hair stylist is one whose attention is focused on the hai – making suitable hairstyles that best fits the particular hair type. Weaving, braids, relaxer and perm, conditioning and treatment, curling, and even color jobs. All these fall under this skill.

√ Massage Therapist: A massage therapist is one that specializes in rendering massage services. It has been claimed by experts that a good massage helps in the straightening of bones, proper circulation of blood around the body, and it also helps in rejuvenating the skin. The massage cream also helps in bringing out the glow that stress might have hidden. This can be done in a massage parlour or the mobile masseuse model of rendering home service can be employed.

√ Cosmetic Retailer/ Specialist : The maintenance of a beautiful skin has to do with proper and constant application of the right beauty product. A cosmetic retailer/ specialist, is one that sells and recommend cosmetic products to clients. People are ready to go out of their way, in providing good looks for themselves – the type of body cream/ spray to wear, activities that will help improve the condition of the skin and the type of diet that one should take, to maintain a glowing skin.

√ Makeup Artist : This award winning profession have been able to stand out remarkably well among others. This career path, focuses on the mastery of facial beautification. Applying the necessary beauty products in their right proportion is key here, and the essence is to come up with a perfect rendition of beauty. The demand for this skill have been on the increase, lately. And this have also meant increase in labour. Makeup artistry is on the mainstream of the beauty technology industry.

√ Modelling : Almost in an endless manner, beauty products manufacturers flood the market with different products. As much as these products come out in their numbers, a good medium of advertisement is needed for increased sales and patronage. This is where models and brand ambassadors come into the picture. In addition, some make up artist, use models to showcase their craft and expertise in their respective trade.

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