Career Support Helplines

4 unique Career Support Helplines provided by our institution give SINGEM students the right career kick-start, whether in job or in terms of work from home (wfh) opportunities.

Meet the Master

Meet the person behind this renowned institution - Shri Punit Srimal

Meet renowned Industry Professionals from your respective fields & avail their Mentoring & Business Consultancy services. Get to know more about our renowned institution SINGEM headed by Shri Punit Srimal and achieve brilliance under the training of ingenious personalities.


Click here to avail our Manpower Consultancy services

With SINGEM Jobs, access our Manpower consultancy services here, whether payroll or recruitment. Also, visit our Suvidhaa portfolio of blue-collar annual Retainer services for commercial, institutional, and residential utility repairs & maintenance purposes. In addition, we also provide Work from home jobs depending on person’s choice.

SINGEM Caravan

Click here to avail our vendor related sevices

This is our Vendor-onboarding platform including wholesale traders, manufacturers, designers, institutes, trainers, contractual service providers etc. Moreover, SINGEM Caravan offers various services to brush up your business skills.


SINGEM Prime - One of the unique curriculum provided by our institution

Firstly, Prime members comprise our Brand Ambassadors by invitation who can use this for a lifetime privilege of earning referral bonuses. Secondly, as a viable and lucrative ‘earn-from-home’ opportunity by merely referring any of SINGEM’s numerous offerings to their friends, relations, and acquaintances.

As we are always concerned with our student’s comfort and safety, we provide various Career Support Helpline services. In addition, we make sure that there is a positive and educational environment for all the students.

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