As Asia’s Oldest & Largest Gems & Jewelry Education Network (since 1997) with 18000+ alumni spread across the globe in Jobs & Business, SINGEM is uniquely positioned to facilitate your entry into the glittering world of Gems & Jewelry.

At SINGEM courses are offered by the following schools:

1. SINGEM Lifeskills – Multi-Specialisation & Uni-Specialisation Diploma Programs, Degree+Diploma Combo Programs & Certificate Programs across the spectrum of majors in G&J stream.

2. Sindhar Institute of Gemology – Speciality Courses not delivered via SINGEM Lifeskills continue to be offered by our mother brand Sindhar Institute of Gemology & School of Jewelry Making Arts (SinGem-SJMA). Amongst its many firsts are India’s First Jewelry Manufacturing & Fashion Jewelry Programs. SINGEM’s flagship Diamond Business Program, the globally acclaimed ‘Diamond Guru Punit Srimal’s Gateway to Diamonds’ and a host of specifically curated premium programs for jewelry startups & family businesses that are even today offered under the direct guidance of our Founder.

Gems and Jewelry Certificate Courses

Professional courses for niche Subjects / Specialisations / Minors are covered under the PCW (Professional Certificates & Workshops) series.

Gems and Jewelry Uni-Specialisation Diploma Programs

Courses comprise exclusively focused in-depth study in any 1 of 8 Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Masters & DDCP options are available under the USD series.

Gems and Jewelry Multi-Specialisation Diploma Programs

Courses in the MSD series comprise Subjects / Minors / Niche courses spanning multiple Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Master Technologist & DDCP options are available.

Gems and Jewelry Degree+Diploma Combo Programs

Available at both Under Graduate (Post Class XII) and Post Graduate Levels, SINGEM’s Degree-Diploma Combo Programs (DDCP) are an excellent opportunity for students to fulfil their Business Degree (BBA / MBA) ambitions, simultaneously with a professional diploma in a stream of their choice.

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