Industry Overview

“For hundreds of years, the gem and jewelry industry has played a vital role in the cultural, social and economic development of the countries in the Indic nations”. This beautifully written caption, captures the milestone this diamond training institute have recorded. Accordingly, India stands out as one of the largest exporter of jewellery training courses. As a result of this, the industry have played a very important role in putting India’s economy on a global map. 

A large percentage of India’s foreign reserve have also been gotten from this industry. Hence , its importance cannot be undermined. Other parts of Asia, like China is not left out in this economic breakthrough caused by the gem and jewelry industry.

Gems and jewelry is an aspect of dressing that add sauce, pomp and pageantry to one’s appearance. More also, this jewelry can be used as a gift or means of affection and endearment. According to research work published on UK Essay official website the Indian gems and jewellery courses is one of the dynamic and fastest growing sector in India’s economy with a large dependence on US market ( which happens to be it top export destination). This eye opening research further stated that “from being the largest manufacturer of polish diamond in the world, India have become the leading international diamond institute and this has place the sector on a growth trajectory”.

Statistics and Growth Matrix

Taking a close look at previous years and present statistics, we can easily predict that the industry has much potential. Take a look at a summarize information from 2013-2014 below as well as industry predictions for coming years.

Technavio market research analyst had also predicted that the global gem and jewelry market will reach a value of around 292 billion US dollars by the end of 2019. The reason for this sharp growth have been attributed to the changing lifestyle and evolving customer preference. With every giving opportunity the product increase demand and as such, production also increases to meet the demand from patronizers around the world

The Gem and Jewelry industry pride itself as one of fastest growing industry in the world. Economies around the world are receiving massive boost from this industry; and from all indications, the future of this industry hold better days. As far its existence is concerned, outside the economic importance attached, Gem and Jewelry hold a very important cultural value in most climes. It is used a symbol of importance in most cultural ceremonies. This implies that despite being a luxurious item, Gem and Jewelry hold a very phenomena importance in most cultures around the world.

Industry Overview and Predictions

Be that as it may, one major area where the industry seem to be be lagging behind significantly, is in the area of internationalization, publicity and advertisement. By all standard the Gem and Jewelry market unlike fashion and beauty technology, still operate more on local level. The only way around this will come in the increase demand for related products like necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches and other ornaments. The likelihood of these happening is however high due to the growth in the demand of branded jewelry in the last couple of years (challenges notwithstanding).

The pacific Asia is seen to be the region of the world with high participation in Gem and Jewelry production and hence, have a leading market. In this regard, India and China are topping the chart. Other countries are expected to tag along in coming years.

The Gem and Jewelry industry hold a very bright future for global market economy if it should get the necessary attraction it deserve. The market index at present and possible postulation by experts in the field goes a long way in buttressing the fact. Precious stones hardly lose value and once demand for this increase, there will be and outburst in the industry that will further drive in massive competition, and also place countries that are highly involved in is production on a growing economic scale. The incorporation of technological models to help increase customer experience and increase brand awareness will also do a lot of good.


The Gem and Jewelry industry is a window to myriad of opportunities and career options. The industry is one that is capital intensive. The opportunities as well. Some of these opportunities include; Jewelry designers, Gemologists, diamond graders, diamond assorters, Goldsmith, Silversmith, Jewelry polishing technicians, jewelry setters, casting machine operators, and wax setters.


The act of designing jewelry is the job of a jewelry designer.  Hence he is faced with the duty of designing or creating jewelry. This as been seen as one of civilization’s earliest form of decoration, going back to thousands of years before the evolution of societies began. These designers; create sketch and framework with which they use in creating different brand of jewelry. In most cases consumers go directly to these designer and give their specification. This further direct the jewelry designer on what to do that will satisfy the need of the patronizing client.


Gemology the science of dealing with artificial and natural gemstone materials. A gemologist therefore possesses special skill in analyzing, describing, certifying and proving the authenticity of gemstones. He does this by looking out for specific quality and characteristics that must be present in an original gemstone. Because of the technicality involved in this profession, people usually take enough time to study it professionally.


The jewelry industry, captures the area that involves gold. Gold is one of the highly priced and highly valued precious stone. A Goldsmith therefore specializes in the art of forging different jewelry products out of gold. He creates beautiful ornaments and mental objects from gold and turns them into finished products. In simple terms, Goldsmith is one who is involved in the making or selling of products made from gold. There are quite a number of processes involved in this craft. Some of these processes include; filling, cutting, hammering, casting, spinning and turning.


Just like the goldsmith, the silver silversmith make (forge) products out of silver. He is an experienced craftsman that basically forges jewelry products out of silver. In the process of this crafting, the silversmith almost perform the same ritual as his male counterpart – casting, hammering, bending, spinning, turning, and the likes. The only difference between both profession is in the raw materials used. Area of specialization here, is focused on silver.


A jewelry cad designer is one whose job description revolves around creating or engraving beautiful designs on different jewelry products like bracelets, necklaces, rings, wedding bands,  earnings and even belt buckles. They add aesthetics to jewelry items and make them more appealing to the eyes. This skill entails high professionalism.


Each and every diamond that exists in the world today is unique in it’s own way with certain features and characteristics signalling this uniqueness. This cover the job of the diamond assorted. In a nutshell, the diamond assorter is a professional expert that is trained the the skill of sorting out different types of diamonds according to their clarity and color. The process of assorting diamond is a long and almost endless one- right from the day it was mined, work commences.


There are certain standards and regulations that must be obeyed before a precious stone can be confirmed to be a diamond. There are certain features and properties that must be inherent therein, before the authenticity can be guaranteed. Hence, a diamond grader is one charged with the responsibility to oversee the the hitherto highlighted functions. Basically, the diamond grader in line with international grading system, evaluates diamonds. He check out for the actual properties used in identifying the authenticity and genuineness of diamond. They also check for its clarity.


This profession is focused on rejuvenating and refurbishing old and worn out jewelry items. They basically do this through a process called polishing which can be likened to spraying in the world of automobiles. The polishing doesn’t necessarily mean an attempt at destroying the old item and creating it again but this time emphasis is on making it look new and admirable again

Other Opportunities

This industry is not just streamlined to producing or recreating old jewels. There are other opportunities, like in most industries, you can become a:

  • Dealer.
  • Distributor.
  • Wholesaler.
  • Agent.
  • Freelance (or under an organisation) consultancy options.

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