Being a SINGEMI is one of the greatest titles we have or will ever receive. As SINGEMIs we are not just employees & students of SINGEM but innovators,leaders & nation-lovers who want to make a difference and make the world a better place!

These 3 principles are proudly present in every SINGEMIs soul:

Truth Alone Triumphs

As SINGEMIs we strive to be truthful in all aspects of life, whether to others OR self!

Live & Let Live

SINGEMIs render all beings to be equally responsible for the earth’s functioning and consider all life-forms special in their own spheres. This spirit & belief makes the love,respect & save guard all those who are inferior, in one or the other way.


Our Chairman & Founder, Shri Punit Srimal considers passion to be the most important element in shaping one’s life & achieving success. SINGEMIs try to put their all in their chosen fields!