Industry Overview and Game-changers

Information technology sector is one that have grown from nothing to outstanding prominence. In an era where the world is been integrated into a global village, the information technology sector take credit for it.  Countries around the world, have keyed into this on a very large scale, 

and the same is with Asia pacific countries especially India. Software and hardware mechanics, computer programming, desktop publishing and a couple of other activities are helping countries increase their technology base and industrialization. In an analysis published by statista, it was stated that in 2017, 23.7% of the total budgeted spending of 248.6 billion US dollars is expected to be spent on IT hardware in Asia pacific region. Similarly, the steady growth of most economies in the region have been attributed to the success recorded in this sector.

The information technology industry continues on its rapid pace of innovative creations and steaming the  tide as well. According to SME portals the industry have been spurred by advances in mobile, social networking, cloud and E-commerce. There are also other aspect of this industry that is worthy of note. For instance the advent of information technology will be incomplete without putting into cognizance the area of telecommunication, information, storing, retrieving and sending, data analysis and data storage as well.

The satellite is one of the greatest miracle that has happened to this sector. In the comfort of their homes people can go on the internet and source for any information they want. There are opportunities for download and file storage. Thousand of computers around the world are connected together through a wireless medium called networking. Important information and classified document can be stored in databases. Computer savers are being used to run business applications. This is an addition to modern day economic realities as there is now a  platform called E-commerce. Computers savers interact with customers around the world and for better retrieval, there is now the possibility of cloud storage which is not restrict by any device at all

By all standard the Information Technology industry is the hub of 21st  century, as it has been able to capture almost everything that the world has known


Take a look at the chart below to see the market size, which is currently in billions. Showing both domestic sales and exports, we can see a gradual increase in exports and despite the fall in domestic sales in 2016, it rose in 2017. There are predictions that this will grow.

Note: E – Estimate Source: NASSCOM


Since the world have become a global village with breakthrough in both software and hardware mechanic, there is no doubt that the industry would provide an ocean of opportunities. In the words of Bradley Mitchell “A career in Information Technology can involve working  or leading IT departments, product development, team or research group. And having success in the field require a combination of both technical and business skill”. Some leading career opportunities under this skill include; IT consultant, software engineer, web designer/ developer, graphics designer, computer networking specialist and a host of others.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER : This is one of the most lucrative and highly sought after profession in the information and technology industry. It is the duty of the software engineer to develop, maintain and manage software applications/ packages. The software Engineer ensures that the user-machine interface is promptly responsive. In a nutshell, they are the brain behind programs that run on mobile devices and other gadgets.

COMPUTER ENGINEER : Engineering is a technical branch of science that has to do with manufacturing and fixing of hardware. Computer engineers are therefore charged with the responsibility of repairing broken computer parts and other computer accessories. The singular fact that the computer is a machine, creates the possibility of a breakdown. Hence, the provision of a medium to forestall this exigency needs to be made available.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT : IT consultancy is almost the next big thing in the information technology sector. IT consultants are fast thinking and IT savvy professionals that offer the best advice to companies and establishments as to how they can work with the computer and bring about optimum productivity. They are considered to be the best brains, as it concerns the information and technology sector.

MOBILE APPLICATIONS DESIGNER : The mobile phone is still a major breakthrough that has happened to the modern day generation. Over the years, there’ve been cause to constantly work on the mobile phone by way of upgrading. From landlines, there is now the advent of mobile phones with world class operating systems such as Android, IOS and the likes. This modification have also created the need for applications that will be compatible with these devices. Hence, mobile application designers, design and develop applications that can conveniently work in mobile phones. Using basic coding languages, application designers, create programs.

WEBSITE DEVELOPER: This is another important job opportunity under the ICT umbrella. Basically, they use coding languages like JavaScript and HTML to create self hosted websites. There is basically no company that don’t have a website which invariably serves as an online image of the company. And at such, can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world with the availability of an internet facility.

Other Opportunities

As most people know, due to the so many options in information technology, it can’t be exhausted in one list, we also have other opportunities like database engineer wherein you also have cloud computing, networking, and so much more. There’s always something for you.


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