As India’s Oldest & Largest Skill Incubation Network (since 1997) with 18000+ alumni spread across the globe in Jobs & Business, SINGEM is uniquely positioned to facilitate your entry into the fascinating world of Interiors & Architecture.

Interiors and Architecture Certificate Courses 

Professional courses for niche Subjects / Specialisations / Minors are covered under the PCW (Professional Certificates & Workshops) series.

Interiors and Architecture Uni-Specialisation Diploma Programs

Courses comprise exclusively focused in-depth study in any 1 of 8 Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Masters & DDCP options are available under the USD series.

Interiors and Architecture Multi- Specialisation Diploma Programs

Courses in the MSD series comprise Subjects / Minors / Niche courses spanning multiple Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Master Technologist & DDCP options are available.

Interiors and Architecture Degree+Diploma Combo Programs

Available at both Under Graduate (Post Class XII) and Post Graduate Levels, SINGEM’s Degree-Diploma Combo Programs (DDCP) are an excellent opportunity for students to fulfil their Business Degree (BBA / MBA) ambitions, simultaneously with a professional diploma in a stream of their choice. 


There are so many opportunities in this sector – suppliers of raw materials, construction workers, surveyors, civil engineers, structural engineers, and much more – and we will be discussing four of them:


This skill is made up of individuals that provide professional advice and guidance to property owners, estate developers and construction companies. The advice they give cuts across different areas such as maintenance, repair, the use of durable parts and building accessories that will add value to the building. They work round the clock to ensure that the building is in good condition at all times. And they also look out for any possible damage that has affected the building. They offer professional advice on the award of building contracts and the best deal on structure management.


This is the primary occupation under this industry. Some commentators have argued that every other opportunity in the industry revolves around this. And looking at the dynamics involved, the above claim might not be far from the truth. In a nutshell, an architect, is one who draws and design building plans. They also help in reviewing the processes involved in the construction of various building structures. With the advent of computing, this profession have received a boost in the use of Computer-aided design. (CAD)


This skill centers on the interior aesthetic pattern of a house. The interior designer basically offers advice and suggestion that would result in a proper fitting of internal spaces. Here, emphasis is not just placed on internal look or appearance as the case may be,  but in internal structuring as well. They know the best lighting, painting, furniture, electronics that fits an internal space – which could be an office, residential home, hotel, or religious place of worship.

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