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JABSE (Jain, Adivasi, Buddhist, Sikh) Hindu

A movement to restore the inherent unity of all indic faiths. To define Hinduism under the Indian constitution as the collective identity of all indic faths and spiritual traditions; past, present and future.

We Ahimsaks comprising Vegans, Vegetarians & also Eggitarians; for whom Ahimsa or non-violence is not merely a choice of diet, it is our way of life, our very identity. A movement for seeking constitutional recognition of dietary choice as a basis for community recognition under the constitution and  for Ahimsaks as India’s largest minority with special custom safeguards.

Movement to seek amendments to respective constitutional preambles of all indic countries so as to reflect their identity as an indic state or country and as part of the ancient indic nation and civilisation. A special additional feature in the indian constitution that seeks to preserve our indic character for all times to come and a recognition of the indian state as the natural successor state and guardian of all things indic, worldwide. Finally, a  movement that seeks to reconnect those indic people who have adopted foreign faiths with their indic culture (Hum Bhi Hindvi).

This novel endeavor seeks to throw the spotlight on the rights, needs and safeguards required to alleviate the miseries of specific sections of society like manual scavengers, prisoners, children, aged etc. who are neglected by society in some way or another and often left to sub-human subsistence.


We stand guard. An army of volunteers with the objective to preserve and replenish for future posterity. Standing guard over any threats to our mother earth and its environment, threats to our indic culture, faiths, people, our way of life.