SINGEM Lifeskills provides Training in professional courses in fabulous vocational fields.


SINGEM Skills offers career courses in 6 exciting Vocational fields namely Gems & Jewelry, Fashion & Textiles, Interiors & Architecture, Beauty Technology, Info-Technology & Startups & Business. Courses are divided into 4 Series: Professional Certificate courses and Workshops (PCW), Uni-Specialisation Diplomas (USD), Multi-Speciality Diplomas & BBA/MBA Degree + Diploma Combo Programs (DDCP). 

Student Services

International Students Helpdesk – A to Z guidance for all foreign students.

SINGEM Aawaas – PG Facilities for our students in Center Vicinity.

Training, Mentoring & Consultancy, Manpower Services- Recruitment & Payroll, Jobs Desk, Vendor Sales Platforms, & Surprise, Delight & Rewards Program.

SINGEM Super 60

Offers subsidized Vocational Training to 60 students annually for diploma courses in specially designated centers, besides certificate and DDCP combos in:

SINGEM Online 2.0

Gems & Jewelry | Fashion & Textiles | Beauty Technology | Interiors & Architecture | Info-Technology | Startups & Business

Offers live-interactive training on online platforms in vocational fields as well as academics and extra-curriculars.