Our Founder

Our Founder

Many great men have inspired and positively influenced our work at SINGEM; foremost among them Seth Indarchand Srimal and Bausa Rai Kumar Srimal. As a result of their inspiring lives, we seek to mould individuals and businesses into new success stories every day. We honor them for their work and principles via our services. Click on the link to find out how they inspired and made an impact on us.

Sri Punit Srimal

Sri Punit Srimal was born in 1975. As a young adult, he saw the state of India and recognized that the lack of resources, which largely stemmed from centuries of subjugation has led to stagnation, and in some areas slow growth both for India and other Indic countries. While pondering on this, he realized that for him, purpose and being fruitful laid on the path of being the necessary booster that could get people to achieve their dreams, in terms of career growth. In bringing this to fruition, he founder Sindhar Indic National Growth and Empowerment Movement (SINGEM), now India’s largest vocation education network and an integrated business-to-business service provider.

His expertise in diamonds cannot be left out. Sri Punit Srimal’s ‘Diamond Theory’ introduced a scientific approach to diamond cut grading and pricing. Its success led to his recognition as India’s ‘Diamond Guru’ by the Hindustan Times in 2001.

Along with his expertise in skill development, he is also a phenomenal leader. His vision for SINGEM deserves accolades, his insightful decision to add a mentoring platform to the offering has created opportunities for novices, entry-level and mid-level practitioners to met experts and find out answers and help to their business and career challenges.

Challenges He Has Faced over The Years as a Business Founder and Overcoming Them

Like every other start-up and business owner, Sri Punit Srimal also encountered his fair share of challenges. Firstly, SINGEM is the first of its kind and it is a known fact that creating a solution without a lot of ground demand can create tough hurdles for any business. The process of creating an ‘aha’ moment –  a moment where a person realizes this is a solution they never thought they needed – while challenging created doors for growth for SINGEM. Perseverance, optimal service, and hard work, with great marketing skills, were paramount to success.

Secondly, at the initial stage, there was an issue of not being able to retain talented workers. This is a problem that most startups experience as a result of the inability to offer remunerations that are at par with industry standards, as a result, team members can be attracted to the competition. Motivation outside financial stipends and good company culture was important to keeping great workers.

Being a good business manager means being able to keep the ship sailing even in tough storms. Today, seeing the achievements of SINGEM brings satisfaction to Sri Punit Srimal and other stakeholders.