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M09 INTEGRATED ADVANCED Diploma in Beauty Technology (L:10)


Any 10 Levels out of following 12 Levels:


Level Alpha
Hair Styling I
M1 Hair Styling Essentials
M2 Hair Styling For Men
M3 Hair Styling For Women
M4 Hair Styling For Kids

Level Beta
Barbering Technician
M1 Hair Cutting Essentials
M2 Hair Cutting For Men
M3 Hair Cutting For Women
M4 Hair Cutting For Kids

Level Gamma
Cosmetologist I
M1 Nail Care
M2 Manicure & Pedicure
M3 Skin Care & Treatments
M4 Hair Treatments, Coloring

Level Delta
Esthetician I
M1 Facial Treatments
M2 Scalp Treatments
M3 Waxing
M4 Body Scrubs & Therapy

Level Epsilon
Makeup Artist I
M1Principles Of Makeup
M2 Makeup Application
M3 Regular & Party Makeup
M4 Eyebrow Shaping

Level Zeta
Computer Applications
M1 Digital Study of Features
M2 Digital Study of Styling
M3 Designboard & Croquis
M4 Digital Portfolio

Level Eta
Hair Styling II
M1 Hair Extensions
M2 Hair Perming
M3 Hair Styling by Era
M4 Hair Styling by Geography

Level Theta
Cosmetologist II
M1 Appreciation of Skin, Nail &
Hair Types; Suitable Care
M2 Advanced Techniques
M3 Dermatology
M4 Cosmetic Chemistry

Level Iota
Esthetician II
M1 Permanent Makeup
M2 Facial Massage
M3 Reflexology
M4 Electrolysis

Level Kappa
Makeup Artist II
M1 Makeup For Fashion
& Photography
M2 Air Brush Makeup
M3 Body Makeup & Mehendi
M4 Bridal Makeup

Level Lambda
Elective Specialisation I

Level Mu
Elective Specialisation II

Special Electives:
Beauty Arts: Nail Art & Mehndi
Beauty Products Manufacturing
Treatments: Massages, Rubs &
B&W Therapies
USD Masters Levels
Custom Electives