Professional Certificate Courses & Workshops


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Gems and Jewelry Certificate Courses       

For hundreds of years, the gem and jewelry industry has played a vital role in the cultural, social and economic development of the countries in the Indic nation. Become a gem and jewelry expert by learning how to recognize and source for original gems, putting them together into products, and more…See more


Fashion and Textiles Certificate Courses     

Have you ever wanted to know how clothes are designed and made? Do you have interest in the fashion industry, then come in and get the know-how…See more


Beauty Technology Certificate Courses     

Our skilled professionals will teach you all you need to know to be a professional Beautician; nail art and care, hair cutting and styling, make-up, facial and scalp, body treatments…See More


Top view of architect & interior designer working at worktable with  color swatch, tablet, sketch & blue print/ Real estate business & renovation conceptual

Interiors and Architecture  Certificate Courses     

Unlock your creativity and get to learn everything from the basics of drawing your design plans, to the process and final result delivery from our skilled experts in the industry…See More


Information Technology Certificate Courses

With no doubt, one of the most important industries in the world, and most specifically, for the Indic people, is the information technology industry. The world is already a global village and the IT industry currently thrives so much amongst others, come and gain knowledge of both software and hardware mechanics…See more


Start-ups and Business  Certificate Courses     

From strategy and financial planning to presentation and marketing skills, building a strong network, and all-round business management….See More

Certificate Courses & Workshops

Under these courses, we offer students, college goers, startup enthusiast and working professionals a medium to undergo intensive professional training within a short span of time. These intensive courses suit all those who are looking for either a refresher in their industry or to have professional training in their chosen domain.

The Importance of Short-term Training and Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are effective and memorable; they act as reinforcements, which should also give you an opportunity to answer long-standing questions that you may have on process and practices while also helping you understand more.

Refresher and further training also help you to keep up with the state of the industry, knowledge, and skills. The world is quick paced, and changes will always be a part of what we experience. Taking refresher courses or further training we help people to be reminded of the basics and stay on track while they adjust to the new industry practices.

We have realised that growth doesn’t only come from acquiring full formal training. While that is of utmost importance, we know that stalling on the path of professional growth, will not only mean stagnancy for the individual but also for the entire Indic nation.

Another importance of short-term training is lack of time. With business activities and other time taking tasks at hand, you may not have the time to partake in a full time long-term course. Putting all these into consideration we are offering such intensive courses for various niche and vital segments in various industry domains.

Our Course Domains

We currently serve six sectors through Academy-Training. We have:

Gem and Jewelry

Fashion and Garments

Interiors and Architecture

Beauty Technology

Startup and Business Maximisation

Information Technology (9 domains)

If you wish to acquire professional knowledge, refresh your skills or explore a new domain, this works for you.

Explore Series Workshops

The explore series is a 15 hours training program. The offering suits you if you are looking to get a feel of a particular sector as a career option.

It is a great option for students looking to specialise in an industry or professional thinking of switching. It is also good for anyone who needs a brief reminder of processes.

Specialisation Professional Certificates

You will learn how to work as a professional in the sector you choose or go into your own business.

For example, if you choose our Gateway to Diamonds program, to specialised in diamond grading, you will learn how to grade and value diamonds and earn a professional certificate for the same. This option is also great for you if you do not have the time for a long term course or have gotten training previously but haven’t practised in a while.