Sahaj Dharma

My ‘Sahaj Dharma’, is intended as a spiritual journey or quest, rather than an organised religion and is thus open to all humanity, irrespective of faith or ethnicity. The numerical representation of this philosophy is 5, written in the devnaagari script, denoting the Panchyaam maarg or five-fold path comprising the 25 Sahaj Sutras (1+3+5+7+9, with each digit representing a corresponding number of core Sahaj principles or Sutras).

5 Human Life Goals (Jeevan Lakshya) & 25 Sahaj Sutras as Remedy:

Goal 1 Moksh: Contentment (Shaanti / Peace) Sutras: 1
A beautiful flower signifying peace

1 Mantra or 1 Secret Key to Liberation:

‘Yaatraayaam Tishthati Mokshah’

Yatra Mein Hi Moksh Hai.

In the journey itself, lies emancipation.

Enjoy your here and now experiences, live in the moment, put your best efforts without worry of results.

Goal 2 Saphaltaa (Sankalp Siddhi) / Success: Sutras: 3
A flower field exhibiting passion and positivism

The 3 Gunas or The 3P Sahaj Formula for Success:

  1. Passion: Anuraag (Junoon)
  2. Positivism: Sakaaraatmaktaa
  3. Perseverance: Dridhtaa (Udyog)

Goal 2 Saphaltaa (Sankalp Siddhi) / Success: Sutras: 3
Nature depicting various emotions of Human

The 5 Sanyam or 7 Self-Controls:

  1. Diet (non-vegetarian food / intoxicants): Aahaar
  2. Greed: Lobh
  3. Anger: Eershyaa
  4. Jealousy: Krodh
  5. Narcissism: Ahankaar
Goal 4 Saamaajik Saamanjasya (Social Harmony): Sutras: 7
An image of animal habitat depicting Jeevan Moolya

The 7 Jeevan Moolya or 7 Fold path of the Sahaj Samaaj:

  1. Liberalism: Udaarvaaditaa
  2. Change (Open Mindedness): Parivartan
  3. Righteous Conduct: Yog
  4. Non-violence:  Ahimsa
  5. Sacrifice for the larger good: Tyaag
  6. Logic: Nyaay
  7. Recognition of partial and circumstantial nature of Truth: Anekaant

Acronym: UPYATNA

Goal 5 Swayam (Aatma) Prabha / Inner Radiance: Sutras: 9
A scenic view signifying Simplicity, love, empathy and simple living

The 9 Mani or 9 Jewels of Sahaj Dharmis:

  1. Amenability: Sahajtaa
  2. Simplicity: Saraltaa
  3. Simple Living: Saadagee
  4. Truthful Conduct: Sadaachaar
  5. Service: Sevaa-Parmaarth
  6. Courage of Character-Fearlessness: Chaaritra (Saahas)-Nirbhaytaa
  7. Love: Sneh
  8. Empathy (Facets: Compassion-Kindness-Forgiveness): Samveddanaa (Roop: Dayaa-Karunaa-Kshamaa)
  9. Equanimity: Samataa

Once someone gains perfection in the practice of these 25 sutras, he has vanquished all his inner demons and is therefore, an Arihant.

Sahaj Sambuddha