Sahaj Dharma

Sahaj Moolya (Values)

The core universally applicable and defining 7 Sahaj Principles and 7 Sahaj Jewels or Mani, together enshrined in the acronym PUNYATAM are enumerated hereunder:

  1. The 7 Sahaj Principles:
  1. Parivartan or open-mindedness to change
  2. Udaarvaaditaa or liberalism, seeking to look beyond established societal norms
  3. Nyaay or Logic
  4. Yog or righteous conduct
  5. Ahimsa or empathy,compassion and non-enmity for all living beings
  6. Tyaag or renunciation of negativism, small thinking, vices and excesses and indeed, thereby achieving victory over these enemies
  7. Anekaant or multi-faceted, conditional and situational nature of truth
  1. The 7 Sahaj Jewels:
  1. Sahajtaa or malleability of nature
  2. Saraltaa or intrinsic simplicity
  3. Saadagee or simple living
  4. Sadaachaar or truthful actions
  5. Saahas-Nirbhaytaa or courage of conviction
  6. Seva-Parmaarth or selfless service and actions undertaken to benefit others
  7. Sneh or pure and open love and affection for all beings