Seth Indarchand Srimal Skill Scholarships

The 19th SINGEM Skill Scholarships

About the Scholarships

The SINGEM Seth Indarchand Srimal Scholarships, first launched in 2003, allow students from all socio-economic backgrounds, genders & geographies to access International Quality Skill Education at lower costs…..more

Course Options

Courses are available under the following 6 Streams (Click on your Preferred Stream for Course Options & Details):

How to Apply?


Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how you can apply for our much-awaited Scholarships and transform your knack into a paying Skill & Career…..more

Our Mascot

Seth Indarchand Srimal has been the inspiration for us & numerous others due to his humility, honesty & captivating personality. We pay homage to the great man by serving the society through our Scholarships…..more