Sindhar Institute of Gemology

Sindhar Institute of Gemology

As eastern & southern India’s first Gemology Institute, Sindhar Institute of Gemology (SinGem) is credited with introducing many firsts in the industry. Founded on July 1, 1997, the institute is a synonym for the only true alternative model of education to GIA in the G&J sector, with scores of institutes in India and abroad today following the SinGem model of G&J Education.

The world’s most successful program ‘Diamond Guru Punit Srimal’s Gateway to Diamonds’, the country’s first Fashion / Costume Jewelry Technician program and even the country’s first jewelry manufacturing school established in October 1999 in the form of The Sindhar School of Jewelry Making Arts (SJMA), are all products of SinGem.

While most of SinGem’s Multi-Speciality & Uni-Speciality Diploma courses are now available under SINGEM Lifeskills, some high specialisation courses including the unique PJG (Professional Jeweler Gemologist) series courses including the Graduate Jeweler, Graduate Gemologist and Graduate Diamontaire, continue to be available directly under the aegis of the parent institute.

Also available directly under SinGem are SJMA courses dealing with machine-made jewelry processes.

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