SINGEM Bengaluru

SINGEM Bengaluru at Shantinagar

We are at Shantinagar in Bengaluru. There are really great restaurants in the area, take a course with us here and you will have an opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in India. Take a virtual tour below:

Enjoy Bengaluru

Bengaluru is one of the most beautiful places in India. Also called “The Garden City”, it boasts of numerous parks and gardens, well-maintained roads, good railways and airways. Bengaluru was one of the first cities in India to have hydroelectric power(1906). There are also jokes that it is turning from the “garden city” to the “pub capital” because of the rise in the sprouting up of pubs and breweries as well as the rapidly disappearing gardens as a result of rapid population growth.

Bengaluru is also seen as the silicon valley of India as a result of a large number of information technology companies there and biotechnology companies (currently 47% of the total number of biotech companies in India).

If you can’t stand one spec of dirt, Bengaluru is for you. It is considered one of the cleanest cities in India, unfortunately, it has a dense traffic so expect to go through longer driving/transport hours when there. Nevertheless, it also has other attractions. One of those is the large number of flourishing sectors – aerospace, real estate, education, hospitality, tourism, media, healthcare, housing, telecom, biotechnology and ICT. The Forbes magazine in one of its articles referred to this city as one of “The next decade’s fastest growing cities”. One immediate reason for this as well as result, along with the above, is the over 20 engineering colleges with even more than double that number as affiliates. There are also quite a good number of heritage spots.

Food in Bengaluru

When it comes to food, Bengaluru like most Indian nations also has a lot of delicacies. Let’s focus on the street food – it is superb. From traditional dishes to other popular dishes such as Rajasthani food, urbanized rice concoctions and even Chinese snacks, we also have some great Jalebis, Akki Roti, Curd Kodubale; we can’t fail to mention the Kharagpur Bun Congress (KBC) – a spicy bun slathered in butter with crispy snacks filling; or the honey cakes. So delicious, our mouths water even as we talk about them.