SINGEM Students Code

SINGEM Employee Code

SINGEM Student Code

1. Attendance

Certification – 90% attendance compulsory. 

Letter of Completion – 75% attendance compulsory. 

Late comings are counted as absences and are discouraged actively as they disturb the flow of class, and students coming late may be barred from entering the class without recourse to makeup-classes later.

2. Student Behavior

SINGEM reserves the right to expel/ suspend students for unbecoming behavior, including speaking ill about fellow students, faculty or the institute itself.

3. Special Classes

Students are allowed to attend free make-up classes only in case of pre- sanctioned leave and medical emergencies, subject to any batches running concurrently with vacant seats for relevant topics. In case special classes need to be arranged for whatsoever reason including non- coverage of suggested curriculum within slotted class hours, students may need to pay separately for Instructor guided classes upto Rs.200/- per hour, self-lab sessions @ Rs. 100/- per hour with a minimum charge payable for 5 students, at the discretion of SINGEM.

4. Breaks

Students may take breaks upon written sanction thereof, although EMI payments need to run in existing slotted manner for the student to avail of remaining classes at a later date, subject to availability of subject and seat. In case student rejoins after expiry of sanctioned leave period, fees as may be prevailing for equivalent program at that time, to be applicable. SINGEM mandated breaks in classes/ modules are often necessitated in order to accommodate faculty requirements at various centers based upon rotational cycles and other logistic considerations and student is required to abide by the same.

5. Payment Modes

Payments made by Cheque / Draft should be in favour of: 

Regular (Diploma) Courses: SINGEM Lifeskills (India) Pvt. Ltd. 

Workshops (Certificate) Courses: SINGEM Academy

– payable at Kolkata, India. Student shall be permitted to attend classes only subject to clearing of cheque prior to commencement of training. Payments by International students/ remote locations may be done by via Electronic Transfer or directly into bank account and deposit slip thereof must be submitted to avail receipt.

6. Change of Program / Center

Student may request for enrollment in an alternative batch or center at any date in the future, subject to availability. In such cases, committed balance due to SINGEM should be paid in originally slotted manner. In cases where there is a change in program fees, student shall be charged as per the new slabs only. Also, where a seat for the same program in the desired batch or location is not available within the specified time period, the entire amount shall be forfeited.

7. Transfer Charges 

A minimum charge of Rs.3000/- shall be applicable in all cases where request for change in Training center is granted within circle of company- owned centers excluding franchise centers.

8. Marking System

Theory: 30%, Class Projects/ Portfolio/ Viva: 30%, SST Projects: 40%                                                        Minimum Aggregate Passing Percentage: 40% under each head.

9. Multi- City Courses

For programs that include training at other cities/  SINGEM Service Station, students need to incur an additional cost towards cost of travel, accommodation, fooding, intra-city transit, besides special charges for this facility.

10. Damages

In case of loss or damage to any class resources by students, the same shall be replenished in full monetary terms. The amount of reparation shall be fixed by SINGEM.

11. Examinations

Students shall receive certification only on successful clearance of all requirements. Unsuccessful candidates may apply for one subsequent re-examination, upon failing to clear which, a letter of completion shall be issued. Separate Examination fee is applicable for each attempt/ absence and is not part of Total Charges.

12. Student Fees 

Charges intimated to the student at the time of admission only include Course Fees. Lab Charges are mandatory, except where specified otherwise, and are payable separately @ 18% of Course Fees. The Total Charges (Course Fees + Lab Charges) exclude GST payable on diploma courses, exam fees and scanning charges, wherever applicable. 

13. Partner Programs

In case of joint- accreditation or university affiliated courses, Total Charges shall not be treated as package cost covering fees payable to both institutions. In case of non- registration/ disruption in normal schedule of promised service delivery or any other such matter related to the other institution, student shall remain bound to pay SINGEM its own component of fees, separate from any sum paid or payable to the other institution. Where fees are specifically clubbed, SINGEM fees are calculated and payable as per fees listed for SINGEM’s independent nearest equivalent training course mentioned in standard Fee Plan.

13. Honor

SINGEM Certification shall be released subsequent to successful completion of academic requirements, receipt of all necessary documents and monetary dues by SINGEM. Students may be asked to mandatorily attend a convocation ceremony, whenever held for receiving certificates. All graduating students are required to take The SINGEM Alumni Oath.

14. Delayed Payments

The Total Charges become payable in full upon admission itself. Zero interest EMI scheme may however be availed by students for diploma courses, subject to guidelines.  Compounded Interest shall be charged on late fee payments @ Rs. 50 per day. EMIs may be paid only via Wire/ DD/ Cheque/ Direct cash deposit in bank by student. Students may be refused entry into class till such time as the outstanding is received by SINGEM. Any special classes necessitated under such circumstances shall be payable separately.

15. Kits, Class resources, Reference Material

Students are provided with reference material in digital format where required and are generally allowed to keep them, unless specified otherwise. Kits including non-consumable common-use class resources, if provided by the institute, are for use in class only. Also, students may be asked to procure the same at their own cost in certain streams or be charged a separate fee for the same. Take-away home kits are available separately at special rates for students. 

16. Curriculum

The curriculum of any program is dynamic, and subject to upgrade, alteration or any other form of change at any time prior to or during the running of the program. Students shall be bound to adhere to such new curriculum as may be offered. SINGEM reserves the right to offer upgraded curriculum only against mandatory payment of extra charges as made applicable. Curriculum where published is a guideline and it shall be incumbent on the student to ensure that faculty sticks to the same. The mere mention of a particular topic does not entail that it shall be covered in its entirety or to the student’s satisfaction, only that the said topic is suggested to be covered to the maximum extent possible within slotted class hours allotted thereto. Additional classes conducted for the same, where necessary, shall be payable separately.

17.  Job Guarantees

Placement services via SINGEM Jobs are available free of cost to all SINGEM diploma students opting for the same. A Job Guarantee where offered, shall be in writing and is subject to:                                                                                            a. Student clearing all required class assignments, exams and SST projects (under direct SINGEM auspices) with distinction (85% minimum aggregate).

b. Student fulfilling mandatory 1 year apprenticeship / internship requirements as per guidelines.

c. Student furnishing moral character certificates or references and any other documents/ deposits as may be required by employers.

d. Student surrendering right of refusal for any type of job offer made by prospective employer for technical, sales, administrative or operational roles or a combination thereof, anywhere in India.

18. Other Charges

Any charges including taxes, other than those mentioned above as specifically included under Total Charges, subject to a ceiling of 50% of Total Charges, arising due to any reason including those deemed necessary at any time post admission by the institute or competent legal authorities even when applicable with retrospective effect, shall be payable by the student if and when demanded by the institute.

19. Scanning Charges 

Design students are required to submit portfolio @ 20 pages per module related to designing or otherwise as specified, in digital format for showcasing on special websites catering to design- based requirements of companies engaging SINGEM for the same. This provides students with exposure and free online registration with opportunity of  earnings from royalty  upon and from further submissions post completion of mandatory requirements. Scanning charges are payable @ Rs.10/- per page by students. A complementary CD of the same is provided to students. 

20. Legal Disclaimers

  1. Any disputes that need legal recourse from either side shall be subject to Kolkata jurisdiction only, irrespective of the country/ city of admission and/ or training. 
  2. SINGEM shall not be bound by any special claims or promises made by team members acting outside the scope of this code unless written sanction is specifically given thereof via email from to student concerned. 
  3. In case of University/ 3rd party accredited courses or combinations thereof, SINGEM acts as a facilitator and no burden of performance of obligations by such institutions or universities may be placed upon SINGEM. Any related information provided to students at the time of admission or thereafter should only be considered as status as known to SINGEM at the moment of reiteration. Legal recourse may be taken by the student independently against such university or institution in case of refusal  or unjustified delay in performance of obligations. SINGEM may not be held responsible in any manner in case of any non- performance of obligations by such third party.

21. Internships

1 year full- time mandatory internship in whatsoever profile offered by any enterprise via SINGEM is compulsory for all job guarantee programs. During internship, students shall earn stipend as fixed by employer, except in case of mandatory industrial training where it is part of curriculum itself.

22. Redressal

Students may make requests, suggestions, complaints or report unbecoming behavior by peers, staff or faculty via e-mail to

23. Special Provisions for Elective Specializations

Electives, when listed under curriculum of specific programs are subject to availability at specific centers at a particular point of time.

24. Refunds 

The institute employs a standard ‘no-refunds’ policy. Once a student is enrolled for a particular program he is liable to pay Total Charges for the same in full even in case of long leave or discontinuation for whatsoever reason by the student.

25. Self- Lab Sessions

Class hours include faculty- guided classes and self- lab sessions in varying proportion depending upon course.

26. EMI Payments

Students need to pay their EMIs latest by  the 5th day of every month. In case of student being absent or on leave for personal reasons or where faculty/class scheduling necessitates a break such that there are no classes slotted during the monthly window period for EMI payment, fees can only be accepted by Center Managers along with applicable late fine @ Rs.50/- per day. Students pursuing certain courses need to pay twin EMIs, twice annually in March and September. The extra EMIs are adjusted against final EMIs slotted.

27. Class Schedule

SINGEM follows a rotating faculty system. Duration of program in weeks or months as represented to student denotes usual span of time within which specified class hours are sought to be completed. Various topics or modules under a specialization may be completed by multiple faculty members, with distinctive styles of teaching.

28. Hygiene

Students are required to clean their workstations and surrounding areas before leaving the classroom. 

29. SST Projects

SST Projects are an essential and mandatory part of the curriculum and students failing to complete the same satisfactorily within specified time- frame shall not be entitled to final honors from SINGEM. All projects that need to be sent via email may be submitted to

30. Exam Schedules

Written exams are scheduled four times in a year, generally in the months of February, May, August and November. The language employed for the same is English. Practical marks are allotted on the basis of portfolios, class assignments and projects.

31. Investments

In order to encourage students to start out on their own, additional mandatory investments in the form of home tool- kits, resources, uniforms etc. may be part of projects to be undertaken by student, upto a maximum of 10% of total charges applicable.

32. Exam Fees: 

SINGEM + University courses: Rs. 1500/- + Rs. 300/- per paper, whichever being higher      

SINGEM Lifeskills Diploma courses: Rs. 1500/- or Rs. 300/- per paper, whichever being higher

SINGEM Academy Certificate courses:  Rs. 300/- per paper


Student – Faculty/ Staff Interaction

Students are strictly forbidden from entering into any kind of personal/ business or any type in-class/ in-center interaction both during the course of their study at SINGEM and for all times to come even afterwards, unless specially provided written sanction thereof, including but not restricted to:

a.  Seeking from faculty/ staff or providing  them with mobile/ personal email or any other personal information 

b.  Meeting faculty/ staff on non- course related/  non- routine matters

c.  Placing request for direct procurement of class resources/ business merchandise/ technical equipment any other resources of any type.

d. Requesting for customized topics/ projects/ curriculum to be taught or re-taught 

e. Requesting for and attending extra classes beyond what is officially slotted or providing any side- tips for the said purpose

Any deviation, where it comes to light, will be considered cause for exemplary disciplinary action against parties involved. Also, SINGEM shall not bear any responsibility towards any claims/ losses suffered by any party in these circumstances.

34. Use of Indecent/ Abusive/ Inappropriate Language and Behaviour

All are required to maintain professional etiquette and propriety and avoid personal terms of address and any type of physical contact in their dealings with fellow students, staff, faculty and management. No demeaning language may be used with respect to SINGEM. Strict disciplinary action including suspension, dismissal and criminal proceedings shall be initiated in case of any breach of the said regulations.

35. Responsibility to Report

Students are expected to report as part of their duty to their chosen place of learning, any breach of any of the above regulations as soon as it comes to their attention, including where not involving one’s own self to so to enable initiation of appropriate action against errant individuals.

36. Student Permission

No special sanction shall be taken and permission shall be deemed as given by student for use of student’s own image and/ or work as part of group/ individual pictures, videos, comments, testimonials reviews, projects and portfolios, in print, online, live and any other media/ promotions, showcases etc. for public consumption, except where same is specifically forbidden via email by the student.

37. International Students

International students need to pay @ (X/25) USD or its INR equivalent for all charges applicable for Indic students, who are hereby defined as belonging to any of following categories:

  1. Citizens of India
  2. PIOs /OCIs /NRIs
  3. Persons of South Asian (SAARC, Tibet) / West Asian/ ASEAN ethnicity professing any indic faith.