SINGEM Divisions

SINGEM Divisions

At SINGEM, divisions are grouped under 2 heads, The Business Growth Divisions and the Empowerment Divisions.

Business Growth Divisions

In our business growth divisions, we offer services that facilitate career and business growth, you can take a look at each service offering below:

  1.       SINGEM Lifeskills:

Under SINGEM life skills, we offer career-oriented vocational training – both for adult and kids – as we; as mentoring. We have three categories here – SINGEM Skills, SINGEM Stars and Meet the Master. Under the SINGEM skills category, we offer professional training, degrees and placement in the following industries: Gem and Jewelry, Interiors and Architecture, Information Technology, Fashion and Garments, Beauty Technology and Start-up and Business Management.

SINGEM Stars cover training for children where we have our fun skills, performing and visual arts, prayogshala, Indic Studies, Sports Clinic, and academic coaching-tuitions.

The Meet the Master category is a mentoring platform where you can meet experts/professionals in your field for the sake of mentorships, guidance and professional advice.

  1.       SINGEM Academy:

Under SINGEM Academy, we provide all other forms of education including formal, hobby-based and online training. We also offer short-term intensive workshops under our business series, explore series and professional series. Also available are assessment services, and education hubs. In other words, we provide education under our own brand  as well as a platform for other leading organisations/agencies and institutions to offer cutting-edge specialised education at our venues.

  1.       SINGEM Lab:

Like the name (lab) implies, we offer organisations services revolving around testing, research and diagnostics, and standards and benchmarks. In SINGEM Research, you can book a research with us; we have accredited research facilities as well as qualified researchers and research analysts to make the research process a smoother ride. Our testing and diagnostics services includes the offering of helping you test your prototype and in some cases, business model. We have ensured that the appropriate testing facilities are on ground and we take safety seriously. Lastly, our standard and benchmarks offering include the provision of grades and star ratings to organisations based on their compliance with our standards. It is important to note that our standards are based on international professional standards in the industry or department involved.

  1.       SINGEM Jobs:

As part of SINGEM’s mission to act as a vehicle that brings growth and empowerment to persons of Indic heritage, we provide jobs as well as HR consultancy and recruitment for organisations that are in need of employees for white collar jobs. In this sense, we act as job boards, we have our portal which connects employers and potential employees. Upload your jobs; upload your resumes, our aim here is to connect talent with need and opportunity in order to optimally reduce unemployment.

Under this division, we also offer contractual services, that is, connecting business/individuals with contract workers for blue collar jobs such as housekeeping, carpentry, mechanics, plumbing and so on. This can be a one-off service or if you wish, on a retainer basis. It all depends on your needs; we aim to serve you better.

Lastly, we offer BPO services to connect you with visual assistants, data entry experts, and customer care agents for your organisation. This will overall boost productivity and business growth at affordable rates.

  1.       SINGEM Kriti:

The services we offer under SINGEM Kriti – like most of our other service offering – is aimed at helping you grow your business. Here, we help you sell your products and services through the SINGEM Bazaar platform. We also offer rental services for business operations under SINGEM Rentals and under SINGEM Service Station, you can have access to production and design services through us bringing together top-notch designers to develop custom designs for you.

  1.       SINGEM One:

The SINGEM One service offering is specialised in space rental service, in terms of commercial and residential shared spaces. We offer functional, value-for-money co-working spaces and shared offices that also serve as business incubation hubs. We have grouped our residential offering under the SINGEM Aawaas service where you can get furnished ready to use service apartments, furnished ready to use apartments, shared PG rooms (two or more people depending on your need) as well as guestrooms.

  1.       SINGEM Prakalpa:

With the SINGEM Prakalpa service offering, you can now easily get project management services. We undertake projects on your behalf, handling your project in a manner that is effective in attracting collaborators, contractors, clients and the likes to work together on building the project from start to finish. Under SINGEM Prakalpa, we have two sections operational at present – SINGEM Kaushal and SINGEM Prastha. SINGEM Kaushal specialises in projects in the education or skilling sector/domain while SINGEM Prastha specialises in projects in the real estate sector.

Empowerment Divisions

In our empowerment divisions, we offer services that deal with our social commitments, as well as reward-based offering for stakeholders, showcase of our work and opportunities to collaborate or work with us. Take a look at them below:

  1.       SINGEM Foundation:

We have four social initiatives with the objective to render service in various spheres. They are:

  • Divyasthali Seva Pratishthaan: seeks to offer aid to various disadvantaged sections of society as also works for animal and environmental welfare
  • Jaago India: seeks to create awareness and push change in statutes on matters that concern the indic nation and its people
  • Sahaj Dharma: preaches the concept of Dharma as propounded by our Founder Sri Punit Srimal
  • Dharohar: works to keep alive the heritage, language, customs, philosophies, memories, heroes of the indic nation as also that of the Srimal Sindhar family.
  1.       SINGEM First:

At SINGEM, we love to reward our stakeholders; clients, students, employees, partners, mentors, etc. With SINGEM First, we offer a unique delight and reward membership program for all stakeholders. Find out more here.

  1.       SINGEM Now:

Want to see the latest happenings, special offers, snapshots of us and our work? You can see all of those here. SINGEM Now is essentially our showcase arena for our achievements, events, news and offers.

  1.       SINGEM Khudee:

Do you want to work with us? We look out for individuals who will share in our vision, are unique, professional, passionate for value addition and proactive.

You can see our job vacancies under SINGEM Horizons.

Via the SINGEM Kalpavriksha platform, we offer new collaborative, dealership and franchise opportunities for individuals and businesses, so you can come onboard.

Our last section here is SINGEM Caravan. Here, you can collaborate with us as a preferred vendor on our platforms to promote your sales and services; we offer online as well as live exhibition and sales platforms to you so that you can build on customers and reach a wide audience worldwide.