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At SINGEM, we offer testing and diagnostics services for the Gem and Jewelry industry by offering tests and analysis of gemstones and deriving gemstone certificates and reports based on the results.

Gems play a huge role in the world economy and there are a lot of specifications, technical remarks, and identities that lay on them which may not recognizable by our naked eyes or by a simple look. All shining metals that are sold off as gems are not in actual fact, gems.

Testing and Diagnostics help differentiate original gems from unoriginal. The quality, cut, clarity, color, synthetic properties or otherwise, origin, parcel deposition, and so on. When potential customers wish to purchase gems from you, they are sometimes faced with the dilemma of being sure that what they are our basing is of the actual value it’s being sold to them.

Having gem certifications will assure them of what they are purchasing. When a gem is certified, it means that it has been verified as either being 100% natural or lab-grown, as well as meeting certain industry standards (in terms of quality) as stated by a qualified and experienced gemologist.

A certificate tells customers all they need to know about the quality and standard of the gem. This certificate will go a long way to appraise the gem, and is important for them in insuring and reselling it.

A certificate from a respected independent laboratory proves the worth and trustworthiness of your gems. Knowledgeable buyers would, more often than not, opt for a dealer who sells gemstones with have a certificate. This holds significant importance.

Third-party certification is relied upon when received from a reputable grading lab. We are a respected, reliable, independent, and experienced gem lab. We are also consistent with our grading.

We are committed to providing reliable testing, analysis, and reports to support today’s gem and jewelry dealers. We have a team of experienced certified professionals who have been working in the field and can deliver accurate results.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of fake gemstone dealers selling colored and synthetic stones and passing them off as original gems.

To contribute to the efforts of other respectable gem labs restricting such, we examine and measure every detail of your gems and issue a detailed report on the conclusion of the inspection. This report is derived from different quality parameters as established by the gem industry, and are known as gemstone certificates.

If you have any questions or wish to make use of our Gem Lab services, or want assistance in ensuring that you purchase only high-quality gems, please do not hesitate to contact us. You should also take a look at our different certifications and choose whichever one you need.

At our SINGEM Gem Labs, we offer six (6) service, they are:

Diamond Quality Certificates

One of our offerings is the Diamond
Quality Certificate. in order to know the exact quality of a diamond, you will need the information on the certificate. In testing, we assess the 4Cs – carat, color, clarity, and cut quality.

Gem Identification Reports

We derive reports based on
the test of various chemical and physical properties of the gem. In doing this, we make use of both, advanced and traditional devices which are supported by magnified observation.

Gem Origin Reports

his report determines the origin, whether natural or synthetic of the presented gemstone.

Diamond Jewelry Analysis

The Diamond Jewelry Analysis approximates to the extent possible, the quality of diamonds that are studded in the presented piece of jewelry.

Diamond Origin Analysis

If one high-profile customer was to discover that the expensive diamond ring they had saved up for contained a lab-grown diamond that is undisclosed, this can have huge value consequences. This is why it is important to have diamond origin analysis done, whether natural or synthetic ( CVD or HPHT).

Diamond Parcel Analysis

Each Parcel contains stones at a different clarity, proportions, make, shape appeal factors, color & fluorescence. Herein we offer assortment services based on these parameters.

Our Clients

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