Where we are now

India has over the last 2 decades or so, once again embarked on a path of economic resurgence after centuries of very slow growth and in some areas stagnancy, due to colonialism and subjugation as well as mismanagement of internal resources. This has led to the realization that we can once again regain our logical place at the head of the global order if we really put ourselves to it.

We are on track to become the world’s third-largest economy; in fact, on record, we have the most diverse and largest democracy; if only we overcome our current struggles, we will be able to impact the holistic growth of other countries as well.

We have also recorded some reforms and foreign policy evolution that is already positioning us as the pre-eminent power in South Asia and the Indo-Pacific region. Currently, we are working to have a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

Where we can be

It is clear that we have what it takes to be a superpower. A superpower is a country that is economically powerful, enough that it can project political power, military, and soft power outside it.

In order to achieve this, two things must be in place – a solid educational/training system and a good economy. While the quality of education is still on a slow rise in government schools, a lot has been done by private organizations. In terms of economy, we have what it takes to succeed.

Firstly, we have a large youth population which can serve as manpower. Any country with feasible manpower can easily achieve growth. We also have natural resources, a lot of them, one being our precious stones.

We also have access to the Indian Ocean which can serve as a strategic feature for trade. We are positioned well enough to excel, we just have to make use of this, invest in the right things such as skill acquisition, energy, and good planning.

Challenges and SINGEM’s Role

Limited resources and opportunities are the banes to growth and we still face certain challenges, some of which have been highlighted above. The path to growth, however, doesn’t lie in looking too much at the problem but on possible solutions.

Firstly, we need to restore our momentum for economic growth in a way that it will not be excessively affected by any global economic crisis. This can be helped by growing intern talent and businesses; we cannot majorly rely on imports, we have the world’s largest population of youths who if well trained and provided the necessary platform can help in enhancing trade and foreign investment, and uplifting our international profile. Influence the youths, train them, and brighten their knowledge and we will grow our nation.

SINGEM has created an efficient vehicle for this through our services. We can positively influence our economic status. We know that economic change is not sufficient enough; therefore, political stability, eliminating gender-based violence, and closing the gender gap – which can largely be achieved through education and reorientation and a world problem – will take us to the top. Nevertheless, at SINGEM, we are positioned to give citizens of India and the Indic nation the skills and platforms to grow.

SINGEM in India

We currently have the following locations in India, strategically positioned to serve various regions. They are:

  1. The SINGEM Vishwa headquarters @ Kolkata – Bhowanipur
  2. SINGEM Kolkata – @ Salt Lake.
  3. SINGEM Chennai – @ Nungambakkam .
  4. SINGEM Hyderabad – @ Banjara Hills.
  5. SINGEM Bengaluru – @ Shanti Nagar.
  6. SINGEM Domjur – Domjur Bazar