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With a rich cosmopolitan tradition that encompasses poetry, music, film, art and theatre, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is known as the cultural and intellectual capital of India. There are so many historical places to visit such as the science city, the Birla Industrial and technological museum, the national library, Metcalfe hall, and so many others that we can’t possibly list.

Kolkata has an interesting history, having been the capital of India till 1912 due to its trade important to the British. Apart from its history, Kolkata also has other interesting sights, besides those mentioned above. For one, it is the bookworm’s dream place, in Kolkata is the world’s largest second-hand book market – College Street, in here, just about any book you need can be found. We also have the Kolkata Book Fair which is said to be the most attended book fair in the world recording about around 2 million visitors, which is the largest for a non-trade fair.

Kolkata is quite an interesting place to be, from its architectural sights to its superb nightlife, as well as it’s sports section – with cricket, football, badminton and carton being games regularly played in the area. While commuting may have it’s traffic woes, it compensates with its fair share of humour-filled episodes. When it comes to art films, Kolkata is simply the best, with the Film Festival that is usually held annually.

Food is life and definitely cannot be ignored. Popular meals include rice and alur dum, luchi with ‘chutney’ or ‘mishti doi’ to be enjoyed afterwards (dessert). We also have street food in Phuckha, jhal muri and victoria toast. And of course our sweets – Kamalabhog, Mishti doi, rosogolla, etc.

There are so many other interesting facts about Kolkata which you can take advantage of.

Things to Know About Kolkata

You may or may not have heard or read but we have ‘The Great Banyan Tree’. It is over 250 years old and is located in the Botanical Garden in Kolkata. It is the largest tree in the world in terms of area covered. It has spread so wide that you can’t tell which is the original trunk when you sit under it. The park around it is wonderful too though not so well maintained but enjoyable nevertheless.

In Kolkata, you can also find the third largest cricket stadium in the world going by seating capacity. It is the Eden Gardens Cricket Ground.

You can also find monuments there such as the Shanta caves which was built in two phases – from 2nd century BC and 6th century AD. It has since become a world heritage site for UNESCO.

Are you a science student? Find your way to the science city! Science city is India’s largest science center. When you are there, you will learn science with fun.

The oldest running electric tram in Asia can be found in Kolkata. Operating since 1902, the Kolkata tram is one of its kind, in fact, Kolkata is the only India state with a tram. The tram adds a certain charm pertaining to an old city and the charms that come with it. This is not all, there is also Kolkata Metro which is India’s first underground metro railway. It saves time because you get to avoid traffic jams, it’s comfortable and relatively safe. This city is really doing well in the transportation industry.

Sports, Food and Nightlife

Although cricket is the most popular sport in the whole of India, as seen by the above information and our spot in cricket in the world, Kolkata’s heart beats for football. It is so popular that it runs a football league which is 2nd oldest in the world Guess where India’s second largest football stadium is? You got that right – Kolkata. Located in Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Stadium

Kolkata also has wonderful food and Nightlife, click on the link to see some of those dishes as well as other interesting facts about Kolkata

SINGEM Kolkata at Bhowanipur

We are located just off Elgin road. The bhowanipur locality boasts of wonderful food, hotels, shopping complexes amongst others.

SINGEM Kolkata at Salt Lake

We have a center at Salt Lake. In Salt Lake, you can enjoy some great sights and venues too such as the salt lake stadium and our iconic colleges and schools in the area.