Our fabled Gem Lab services can be found here @ SINGEM Labs under Testing & Diagnostics. Diamond Origin Reports, Gem Identification Reports, Diamond Jewelry Analysis & Diamond Quality Certification are some of the services available at SGL. Also in this section can be found our Standards & Benchmarks consultancy services for organizations, products, and processes that help them stand out vis-a-vis competition.

Testing & Diagnostics

Certificate preparation @SINGEM Gem Lab
Our commitment to deliver authentic and scientific analysis is reflected in our trade specific labs. Our SINGEM Gem Lab (SGL) is India’s oldest multi-city gem laboratory and offers multiple services like Gem Identification Reports, Diamond Quality Certificates, Diamond Jewelry / Parcel / Origin Analysis, etc…

Standards & Benchmarks

You can win SINGEM or any other international certification and/ or Star ratings for Organisation, Systems, and Products by adapting and/ or adhering to our established metrics for the same. Our solutions are innovative, customizable and clearly mapped out for user ease.