Why Us

With so many services under one roof – training and education, consultancy, recruitment, rental services and business sales, amongst others and as the only provider of such an integrated portfolio of offerings, we are uniquely positioned to meet every business need be it a new entry into the business world or an established business owner just looking for more sales or qualified personnel.

With us, you are able to scale your business much more smoothly and faster to a high volume with a high chance of global delivery, be it just the mainstream audiences or a niche, that is, those that are termed hard to reach or based on highly narrow specifics. We work across a spectrum of industries to execute these services in a manner at which you are given all you require to excel in your field.

With over 18000 alumni and 3000 businesses as part of our success story, we have over the years been able to prove our worth as market leaders and market changes. We are India’s – and indeed South Asia’s – leading career and business solutions provider with a history of building platforms, skills and mindset to maximise efficiency and results.

What sets us apart from similar businesses is our proactive thought leadership. We have sufficiently established ourselves as strategic partners that get you from the bottom to the top. Do you have no training but wish to be a business owner in a high on skill-set industry? We will coach you till you become an expert and continue to hand-hold you for life.

Apart from offering sector-specific educational  training in the industry, we also have our startup and business management course that enables you start your own business after you have learnt that skill. With our mentorship program, business space rentals, recruitment services and our other offerings that have been proven to have a high level of efficiency; we have established ourselves as a one-stop incubation and B2B partner for budding professionals, startups and businesses alike.