SINGEM Live is your access card to all that’s current and happening, the here and now – special offers, events, industry news etc. It also enables you to imbibe the experiences and view the works of SINGEM students and alumni in classrooms, business, startup and profession. Our clients, partners and other stakeholders also share their experiences and pour out their love for us here in this section. We also seek to honor individuals and organisations for outstanding achievements and contributions to industry, society and the environment with awards under various relevant categories from time to time.


Everything in the past, present and upcoming future @ SINGEM can be found here. Look out for our Announcements and Special Offer

SINGEM Envisage

Our Storehouse!! Access our enormous e-library, success stories, client and student experiences as well as creative and research showcases.

SINGEM Kshitij

Our recognition platform for excellence that seeks to award startups, businesses, professionals, Seva-vratis, public figures and departments as also SINGEM students, alumni and team members for examplary contribution or excellence in their respective domains.

Success Speaks

Others call it Testimonials. For us, it is a vote of confidence, a testament to our success in creating success stories, be it with our students, alumni, team members, or for our clients and patrons.