SINGEM Research

R&D Services

Research is an intricate aspect of product, service and space development. Through research, we are able to gain insight that helps us think of innovative ways to either improve on existing services or products or introduce new ones into the market.

Another thing most business owners may have already heard is that the importance of market research cannot be overemphasized. This is true; with research into not only your target audience but also your offering requirements and delivery, you are able to develop things more appropriately.

We offer R & D services for multiple sectors including:

  • Skill Development
  • Academic Education
  • Gems & jewelry
  • Fashion
  • Interiors & Home Decor
  • Info-Technology
  • Startups
  • Beauty Technology
  • Indic Studies

The Role of R&D in Business Growth

It is research and development that provides a platform for creativity and innovation in business. It also contributes to sustainability in business by connecting parts of your strategy with your business plan. When we look at some leading global organisations like Apple, you will see that it has played a major role in process, products and customer experience. When it is done right, it brings in much in return over investment; for every dollar Apple spent in 2009 on R & D, they got back $11.

For skill development institutes, we help you gain insights into industry practices, market research information, and an analysis of the appropriate skill content. R&D in the Academic education sector is centered on your course content, as well as updates on new innovations and curriculum.

Innovation and production are entwined; to innovate, you need to be good at creating and have knowledge of what your customers want as well as better ways to handle your business. This is the reason why Gem and Jewelry, Fashion and Garments, Beauty Technology, and Interiors and Home Decoration businesses need R & D.

While we mentioned the above industry, it is important to point out that it is relevant to every industry. It contributes to growth by enabling you to develop a unique selling point, attract new investors, and obtain fundings from international organisations that provide grants to businesses that have proven history of the use of R & D.

It also helps you strengthen your brand reputation, and will contribute to the creation of sustainable collaboration. In this case, between you and us in the transfer of knowledge and potential new ideas as we research for you and help you proceed to development.

We offer vocational training in the various industries, including Beauty Technology, Fashion and Garments, Gems and Jewelry, Information Technology, Interiors and Architecture, and Start-ups and Business Management….