SINGEM understands that you may want to partake in any of our vocational training but may not be able to come to any of our training centers for one reason or another, and this is why we have the SINGEM Skills 2.0 offering wherein we offer courses on Online Platforms.

Under SINGEM Skills 2.0, we offer you the opportunity to take high-end vocational education online in any of these six streams:

  • Gem and Jewelry
  • Fashion and Garments
  • Interiors and Architecture
  • Beauty Technology
  • Info-Technology
  • Startups and Business Management

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Is the Course Content the Same as in Live training at our centers?

Yes, the course content remains the same. The only difference is in the training method. If you were to be in one of our centers, you always have access to your teachers and fellow students. This can help you easily evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, as they act as your guide in your career paths.

While constant interaction may not be available in the online classes you still can interact with the faculty through video  tutorials and even live discussions. Another benefit you have apart from learning is convenience wherein you can learn despite your schedule in your spare time. You get to have skill advancement while you work your schedule around the course more easily. You also get to choose your own learning environment; be it your study, a quiet restaurant, or even your bedroom.

You will also acquire other soft skills along the way such as self-motivation and good time management since you have to motivate yourself to be focused on coursework deadlines. This skill will make you stand out in your workplace.

In addition, you can take more courses at the same time since the where and when to study will not be a clashing factor.

Courses Offered: