Following are the courses provided by SINGEM Skills:

Professional Certificate Courses & Workshops

Joyful students with their professional certificates for SinGem skills short-term courses
Short-term professional certifications for an array of subjects in 6 popular streams namely Beauty Technology, Fashion and Garments, Gems and Jewelry, Information Technology, Interiors and Architecture, and Start-ups and Business Management. These courses are a great start to build overall skills.

SINGEM Skills – Diploma Programs

Proud scholars with their professional certificates for their respective courses by SINGEM skills.
Our fabled vocational training Diplomas, whether via Uni-Speciality Diplomas (6 / 12 /18 months) – covering any 1 major or Multi-Speciality Diplomas (5 – 60 months) covering more than 1 major subject in our bouquet of 6 streams. This course will guide students to achieve expertise in their respective fields.

SINGEM Degree-Diploma Combo Programs

An enthusiastic student looking forward to enrolling and attaining expertise in SINGEM Degree-Diploma Combo Programs


Our Degree-Diploma Combo Programs (DDCP) is an excellent opportunity for students to fulfil their academic degree ambitions, simultaneously with a professional diploma in a vocation of their choice. Also, Diploma Combo Programs offers an effective way to learn and master new Skills in different fields.