The SINGEM Great L.I.F.E. Training Program (GLTP) is a multi-level program, offered under the direct Mentorship of SINGEM CMD Sri Punit Srimal. It seeks to optimise the latent Leadership, Innovative, Futuristic & Enterprise skills of participants.

Indic Studies

Learn Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Yoga, Jotish, Spiritualism & other Indic subjects at Certificate & Diploma Levels. Under The Bausa Rai Kumar Srimal (BRKS) School of Indic Studies

Arts & Enrichment

Get hands-on experience in various exciting performing & visual arts including music & photography. Enrichment courses include personality development, language training, appreciation courses etc.

Prayogshala (Stem Labs)

STEM enthusiasts who are as yet unsure of future options, as well as those who did not opt for these fields in college yet need them in their current occupations -this, is for you. Hands-on training on innovation, creation, and repairs.

Fun with Skills

DIY / Hobby workshops in various vocational skills, right from jewelry to beauty to mobile repairs.

Sports Coaching

Professional coaching in various team and individual sports, indoor as well as outdoor, with a focus on participation in tourneys via a potent combination of short yet intensive camps and regular coaching…