SINGEM Stars 2.0

Arts & Enrichment

Training in the performing & visual arts like Photography, Personality Development, Music, and in enrichment fields like Indic Studies besides starter Fun-Skill workshops


Professional coaching in the team and individual sports, indoor as well as outdoor, with a focus on participation in tourneys within short yet intensive camps and regular coaching…

STEM Prayogashala

Engineering & Technology enthusiasts who are as yet unsure of future options, as well as those who did not get to opt for these fields in college-this, is for you. Hands-on training on innovation, creation, and repairs. Also, practical labs for Maths, Physics & Chemistry for school students

Indic Studies

Learn Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Yoga, Jotish, Spiritualism & other Indic subjects at Certificate & Diploma Levels. Under The Bausa Rai Kumar Srimal (BRKS) School of Indic Studies

Fun with Skills

Get hands-on experience in various exciting Vocational Skills. Ideal for 5-14-year-olds.