SINGEM Movement

SINGEM was established in 1997 in order to optimise the potential of the indic nation and over the years, we are proud to have trained over 18000 students; given these students the required knowledge to succeed and they have gone ahead to make impact in their various industries. We have also offered business services to over 3000 startups and businesses and through us, they have been able to scale. With our services, businesses and individuals in the Indic nation now have a one-stop solution in order to quickly achieve their career and business goals. Click on the link below for further info.See more

The SINGEM Anthem
The SINGEM Charter

The SINGEM charter was officially adopted on 26 January 2013. With an explicit mission, among which is to serve, protect, enrich, propagate and reinstate the common indic national and cultural identity. The spirit, vision and mission statements enshrined in the SINGEM charter permeate all our offerings. To see the full vision andmission statements, click on the link below.See more

The SINGEM anthem composed by SINGEM Founder –  Sri Punit Srimal was recited for the first time by SINGEMis on 26 January 2013. Click on the link below to see our anthem. When recited, it is followed by a recitation of the Dhyeya Geet “Hum SINGEMi”.See more

Our Founder
The SINGEM Legacy

Many great men have inspired and positively influenced our work at SINGEM; foremost among them Seth Indarchand Srimal and Bausa Rai Kumar Srimal. As a result of their inspiring lives, we seek to mould individuals and businesses into new success stories every day. We honor them for their work and principles via our services. Click on the link to find out how they inspired and made an impact on us. See More

SINGEM Divisions

Who is our founder? How did our founder get the inspiration to begin a socio-economic model like this? What were our founder’s challenges as a young new business owner and how were those challenges overcame? What led him to transform SINGEM from a concept into a concrete platform? Read more on him by clicking on the link below.

All our service offerings are grouped into two categories- business divisions and empowerment divisions. Our business divisions offer services in different industries including:

Lifeskills- Education and mentoring in academic and vocational fields for  both for adults and children

Academy- Education access solutions like hubs, online, assessment agency, workshops etc.

Kriti- Laboratory services including testing and diagnostics, standards and ratings, research and development

One- Co-working and shared business and residential spaces

Jobs- Manpower services including contractual blue collar and white collar freelance services and recruitment services

Kriti- B2B and B2C products and equipment sales and rentals

Prakalpa- Collaborative services like JV projects, SPVs etc. that make use our core expertise in various domains

Our empowerment divisions:

Khudee- enables you work with us, collaborate or partner with us or even establish a franchise

Foundation- works to create a better life for the indic people and the entire world in the spirit of ‘vasudhaiv kutumbakam’ or the ‘world is one family’.

Live- you can also see our recent news here, besides get a glimpse into and even participate in our various activities.

First- opens up a world if rewards, surprise and delights galore once you take the first step by signing up for any sort if engagement with us.

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SINGEM Milestones

Over the years, we have taken several important steps to get to where we are today, from the opening of different centers to strategic offerings at different times as well as the introduction of new services. Take a look at every milestone we have recorded over the years by clicking on the link below.See more


For the last Millenium and more India has been the sole cultural and economic super-power right upto the 18th century. In 1000 AD, it was contributing 35% of world GDP during the Maurya age and retained this pivotal role right through to the Gupta period by when even though its share of world GDP had come down to 25%, it still retained its exalted status as the world’s largest economy. With the Muslim invasion, things changed and reached their nadir during British rule, who left India as a pauper state in 1947, contributing less than 2% to world economy. With a large youthful population – the second largest in the world -, natural resources and a pool of talent, India has all the ingredients to become a global superpower once again,as well as an anchor for all Indic nations. We know that in time, India shall resume its status of Vishwa-Guru and world leader, and our every effort, our every endeavour is a conscious step in that direction.


Right from inception, it has been our endeavor to serve original stuff to our students and clients, which is why our independent R&D service SINGEM Research is proud of the numerous innovations across our portfolio of offerings. The fact that all our offerings are based on original content and methodologies is a matter of immense pride for us. It is also a matter of pride that so many of our students and team members have gone on to replicate our model of business in various fields where we exist.

At the same time, we recognise the importance of holding down costs in order to make our our offerings accessible to everyone. With this goal in mind, we consciously avoid ostentatious interiors at our facilities and focus on creating functional spaces. This enables us to offer world-class and leading-edge offerings at lowest possible prices.

And most importantly, rather than spending big bucks on marketing, over the last two decades and more we have let our work and the success of our students and clients speak for us, for we believe that success, speaks…See more

SINGEM Locations

Each of our locations carries an unique blend of our bouquet of service offerings for students, startups, businesses, professionals and even consumers. For the tourist, at each location there are unique monuments and historic sights, street food, sports and you can also have a great time in any of the night spots. Find out all of these and more by clicking on the link below.