Sports Coaching

Why are sports important for every child?  

Sports apart from benefiting health (both mental & physical) and bringing joy to children in today’s stressful scenario, have many more crucial advantages, that help in a child’s overall growth as a human:

  1. Team Work – Team Sports play a great part by shaping a child’s personality and also bring out qualities of leadership, responsibility and togetherness….very essential to survive in today’s world.
  2. Discipline – All sports whether team or individual bow the seeds of self-discipline and determination into a child which shape him/her into being a better version of themselves.
  3. Hard Work – Sports are a great way to teach our children the importance of working hard. Whether on the field or at work, hard work alone has the capability to gift success.
  4. Health Benefits – Sports are the best and most enjoyable way to remain fit and healthy. Playing sports increases blood circulation, dissolves fats(outdoor), increases thinking capabilities, provide good metabolism, and countless other benefits which mostly, last a lifetime!