Standards & Benchmarks

Standards and Benchmarks

We invite organizations in various sectors, including corporates, agencies, and institutions to subscribe to our independent standards, benchmarks, and rating services.

These services are founded on international quality management system standards and based on your meeting them, ratings and certifications will be provided to you which will stand as an industry advantage, and inspire confidence in your customers, stakeholders, and other legal and industrial bodies referencing your product or service…

The Role of Quality Certificates and Ratings in Business Growth

Information is readily available everywhere these days and if you are actually delivering quality without a proof of that quality, it will not serve as a marketing tool for you.

People – customers, talents and government bodies – pay attention to what other people, and credible and qualified organisations say about your business. Before customers decide to make a purchase of your product or service, they would research on you. The availability or lack of it thereof, of a quality certificate, accreditation and/or recognised rating would play a major role in their decision to either make use of your product or not.

Accreditations and ratings grant validity to your business and help you convert potential customers into actual paying customers. Apart from guiding customer decisions, they also help you improve your processes and reduced cost by recognising areas of your business that need improvement.

While we provide the accreditations and ratings, we are always clear on the fact that we give you results based on what you do, offer and have. If you want to get accredited or need a good rating, you have to look at your standards. Because low standards only produce low results.

If you wish to get accreditations and rating from a credible, qualified and recognised organisation, or want to nominate another organisation for any of these, you can get in touch with us through our numbers or at our offices.

Our Standards and Benchmarks

At SINGEM, we have two measurements through which we award organisations. They are the Ideal Institute Barometer for Education and the Business Excellence Barometer for other sectors.

Ideal Institute Barometer

The Ideal Institute Barometer is for academic education or skill-based training institutes. The parameters measured here enables potential students to make an informed choice of the best suited institution for their course or field of study. These parameters could include the practicability and originality of your curriculum, your industry interaction, opportunities, areas of specialisation, alumni performance, your network geographical spread, among others.

The Ideal Institute Barometer does not only help the students but also your organisation as well. This is because when a student chooses you after all consideration, this measurement would have acted as a connector, which like we mentioned earlier is actionable marketing.

Business Excellence Barometer.

The Business Excellence Barometer is used to assess startups and emerging businesses in the Gem and Jewelry industry, Fashion and Garments industry, Interiors and Architecture, Beauty Technology industry, Business Managers, and Information Technology industry.

This barometer measures among others, customer/people focus, engagement of customers, process approach, look out for organisational growth, product and service quality check, etc. This helps potential customers have a view of the quality of service your organisation can give them. Just like the Ideal Institute Barometer, the Business Excellence Barometer can become a connector between your organisation and your target audience, which in the end will translate to growth.

Apart from helping you connect with customers, it also helps you recognise some areas which you can improve upon.