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Professional courses for niche Subjects / Specialisations / Minors are covered under the PCW (Professional Certificates & Workshops) series.

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Courses comprise exclusively focused in-depth study in any 1 of 8 Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Masters & DDCP options are available under the USD series.

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Courses in the MSD series comprise Subjects / Minors / Niche courses spanning multiple Major Specialisations in the stream. Advanced Certificates, Diplomas leading to Master Technologist & DDCP options are available.

Startups & Business Degree+Diploma Combo Programs

Available at both Under Graduate (Post Class XII) and Post Graduate Levels, SINGEM’s Degree-Diploma Combo Programs (DDCP) are an excellent opportunity for students to fulfil their Business Degree (BBA / MBA) ambitions, simultaneously with a professional diploma in a stream of their choice. 



Every business should have a targeted market. A market that be the problem to the solution it is offering. It is the job of the market surveyor to survey the market of the business venture. To know the audience and the class of people that make up this audience. He also sets price tag on goods or services as the case may be. The market survey will determine the business model to be adopted as well.


It is one thing to proffer a solution to a particular problem or produce a good or render a particular service; it is another thing to ensure that there’s proper and adequate publicity that will tell the needed audience about the solution, goods or service. The growth or success of any business hang significantly on a good advertising mechanism and proper branding. This is where the above named individual comes into play. He is expected to work together with the management and market surveyor to fashion out ways of selling the business out to the public. Advertising comes in different shades and it is the job of this expert to research and recommend the best model that will better showcase the business venture.


Human capital development is a veritable tool in start-up and business management. As the business is keeping off, it would need the best hands that are competent and committed as well. It is the duty of the human resource personnel to look out for this. They help in maintaining a good staff-company relationship. They also carry out employment and outsourcing on behalf of the company. At the initial stage of establishment, the management could carry out this responsibility. But modern business realities have made it that professionals handle this part of the business.


As the name implies, the investors is a capitalist that looks for business platforms or startup to invest in. This could come in form of partnership as well. He usually owns the money and not the time, or the time and not the money. However the case may be, the investor is not the originator of the business model. He is just a stakeholder.


This individuals administer the business – either on behalf or the entrepreneur (which most times, he is) or as an employee of the company. He ensure that things are in the right places and work to fast track the progress of the business is done as and when due. The business administrator is seen as a key figure. Most times he wields and retain the power to make final decisions. Decisions that will either make or mar the business venture (or start up as the case may be). It can otherwise be said that the business administrator here is the head of the administrative department in the business venture.

Finally, we cannot exclude one of the most important people in the mix, that is the founder. Which usually is the person that brings the business idea or begins it/turns it into an actual business.

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