Student Services – A Guide for Students

The student services offered by SinGem are:

International Students Helpdesk

International Students Helpdesk: A to Z guidance for all foreign students desirous of enrolling at SINGEM for any course. Many companies are material oriented. However, we believe in the phrase – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. It means that the whole world is a family. Hence, we are always here to help the students This is one of the exceptional facility provided by SINGEM.

SINGEM Aawaas – PG Facility

Another facility of ours include PG facility for our students in Center Vicinity. Staying in a new city can be very tough for students from other cities. Therefore, we ensure that they receive the best environment along with excellent course experience. Hence, our PGs are safe owing to location in posh localities. In addition, male & Females PGs are individually placed. This is one of the finest facility under Student services.

Career Support Helplines

International Students Helpdesk: A to Z guidance for all Career Support helplines is provided for students when they are struck and require mentoring and guidance. In addition, we provide following services under Career Support Helplines :
Mentoring & Consultancy
Manpower Services
Recruitment & Payroll, Jobs Desk
Vendor Sales Platforms

Surprise, Delight & Rewards Program
Students can avail all the services under Career Support Helplines. Hence, Don’t miss this amazing chance!