Testing & Diagnostics

SINGEM’s SGL service is one of India’s oldest Gem Lab service with multi-city network. Our clients encompass the entire spectrum of the trade and ancillary service providers including astrologers as well as consumers. Our gamut of services includes Diamond Quality Certificates, Diamond Jewelry Analysis, Diamond Origin Analysis, Gem Origin Analysis, Gem Identification Report and Diamond Parcel Analysis….See more

Testing & Diagnostics


Testing & DiagnosticsTesting & Diagnostics


Testing and Diagnostics

In our testing and diagnostics, we have Trade labs and Consumer labs.

Trade Labs

The aim of every business is to become better and bigger. It is now more than ever, incredibly important that you ensure that your organization’s products are of top range, most especially if you want to keep up with your competition.

Product testing ensures that your delivery continually continues being excellent. When you test your offering, you are ensuring that your raw material quality is great, and you also get to know the actual lifespan of your product; for every product, manufacturers need to know that it is will stand for the test of time. Currently, we offer testing and diagnostics services for organisations in the Gem and Jewelry industry through the SINGEM Gem Lab (SGL) as we access different parameters in gems and provide reports and certificates based on our analysis. We are actively working to ensure that this service is spread to other industries as well; for this reason, we will soon foray into Textile testing.

Consumer Labs

As customers, we are faced with thousands of decisions that will have an impact on our lives, be it minor or major. We have to choose between brands, products, flavors and more. In order to make the right choice, we need to have certain information about the product, service and/or business we consider patronising.

This is why we provide quality unbiased reading based on various parameters to end-users of products/services to enable you make a conscious and informed decision when accessing services in different fields. We are soon launching this service in the following areas:

    • Medical Ultrasonography.
    • Pathological labs.
    • Mobile radiation testing.

In addition, you can also contact a specialist in any of the above areas if you need more information or a one-on-one talk.