SINGEM being more than a business platform & skill-incubator also holds the ambition to make the Indic nation (which includes all countries which were once associated with ancient India), united again! We as SINGEMIs strive to make the world a better place & motivate ourselves to be beneficial for our family, country, religion & the world as a whole!

Here go our driving force and rhythm of motivation!

Nav Sindhar ka Soorya, Kar rahaa Daideepyamaan-

Saare Jahaan ko.              

Aasmaan ke Sitaare hum, Utar aaye hain SINGEMi-

Chamchamaate Nirbhay Nishaan jo.                    

Prakhar Hindvi Raashtra,

Prakhar Bhaarat Ganaraajya ho-

Katibaddh hain hum SINGEMi.                      

Hoga. Hoga. Hoga. Hona hi hai.

Dekho kaisa jagmag. Aho! Aho! Aho!

Saamraajya hai yeh hriday kaa,

ummeed kaa, vishwaas kaa.

Deen, shoshit, gire huon ke-

utthaan kaa, paritran ka,

Utthaan kaa, paritraan kaa.

Chhote hee hain bade yahaan,

Rank bhee raajaa yahaan.

Pashu, pakshi, manav, van, nadiyaan-

Rehte hil-mil sabhi yahaan.

Aisaa hamaaraa aashiyaan-


This SINGEM anthem composed by SINGEM Founder Shri Punit Srimal was recited for the first time by SINGEMIs on 26 January 2013. It is to be followed by a recitation of the Dhyeya Geet “Hum SINGEMI”.