The SINGEM Charter

The SINGEM Charter

The SINGEM charter was officially adopted on 26 January 2013. With an explicit mission, among which is to serve, protect, enrich, propagate and reinstate the common indic national and cultural identity. The spirit, vision and mission statements enshrined in the SINGEM charter permeate all our offerings. To see the full vision andmission statements, click on the link below



Recognition and Rejuvenation of the Indic Nation (Indicana/ Hind) and the Indic people, (Indics/ Hindvis) and creation of an Indic Union/ Indicana (Hind) as a community of indic  (south asian, south-east asian and central asian countries) , that were at any time in the past, a part of the cultural, spiritual and/ or physical mosaic of the indic nation.

SinGem Mission

  1. To serve, protect, enrich, propagate and reinstate the common indic  national and cultural identity in the constitutions of countries constituting Indicana; herein defined as common identity of all countries comprising the indic nation.
  1. To reinforce the core indic national identity and guiding principles, values, culture, heritage,                      languages and traditions amongst all people of ethnic indic origin, as distinct and primary to that of their other identities including that of current citizenship or religion.
  2. To work for the equitable growth and empowerment of all classes of people and individuals,                      across barriers of age, gender, caste, class, region and religion; in all spheres including            economic, spiritual, social, educational and political, as also promote empathy for other form of life,in countries comprising the indic nation.
  3. To work for reinforcing the inherent unity amongst all religions and/ or traditions of indic origin             and the right of all people belonging to these faiths to use the common denomination “Hindu” as also for constitutional recognition of  Hinduism as a way of life along with the right to identify as such for all people belonging to various indic- origin faiths and/ or traditions rather than as the                sole prerogative of majority “Daivik” sects.
  4. To propagate Sahaj Dharma as founded by Sri Punit Srimal.

The SinGem Charter was formally adopted on 26 January, 2013.