SINGEM Movement

We began in 1997 and over the years have been successfully working with our vision – to enable individuals and organizations in the Indic nation to achieve their untapped potential, via our growth and empowerment platforms that deliver opportunities.

These opportunities range from education to mentoring and startup incubation platforms, besides our vast and diverse range of integrated business support solutions as also our end-consumer products and services.

With diligence and hard work, we believe that in no time, the countries comprising the Indic nation – with India as a possible anchor –  will get to a point where major decisions relating to world economy and politics cannot be made without strong Indic support.

In an era of mismanaged budgets, an increase in the level of public expectations, declining global productivity, and other limited resources, growth may seem like an impossible feat, most especially for third-world and middle-income emerging economies. However, SINGEM is making an impact and changing the status-quo little by little.

We give people who have a zeal to succeed the vehicle to skyrocket the achievement of their dreams at an affordable cost. This was inspired by the belief that if the needed platform was made accessible, anyone willing can achieve their dreams.

Our Impact

Over the years, we have had success stories in so many industries. We recorded about 85% of all students trained in India under the National Skill Development Corporation (STAR Scheme) in the sectors that we participated in between 2013 – 2014; being the largest training partners in those sectors for the government’s flagship skill development program with about 6500 students under us who acquired professional training is just one of the things we have done.

Our alumni, so far being over 18000, spread across the globe and have gone forward to make a name in various industries, to become business owners, mentors, leading (and celebrity) designers, and much more.

In our B2B section, we have provided services to over 3000 businesses and through that, helped them scale. All these are a testament to the strength of our model.